Dog screams at night
mhathair54 posted:
I just posted with the title of possible muscle cramps and afterwards all your posts showed up.It looks like he's gotten a charlie horse in one of his legs. My Pomeranian has been on arthritis meds before for his back legs in the winter time. Some of you mentioned the temperature in the room and the winter time. It has been getting close to the freezing mark here(south Georgia) for the last several days. This screaming with him started 3 nights ago, he has also had spells where he hasn't made it outside in time to urinate and just did it in whatever room he was in. He's almost 15 and I know the older he gets the more maladies he'll get, as we all do when we get old. I know what seizures in a dog look like, my Mom had a shepherd a long time ago that had them and they were really bad. This doesn't look like that at all.