dog not well
Ewoksanya posted:
hi i have a dog of 2 yrs since last week he is not well. even doctors couldnt make out wats d problem wid hm. one vet tld tat his soft tissues of left hind leg are broken so got the leg platured. for 2 days he was better as he could move for excretion n all. 3rd day he is not moving atall n iss crying wid tears in his eyes. 3rd he slpt d whole day may b coz of medicines. he opens d eyes n closes them quickly. 4th day he is nt moving at all nt gng out for excretion n all. now the swelling is in his other leg vet has removed the plasture from left leg and gave medicines and took liver test today. dont knww wats happening wid my dog. please help. his legs are swelld not eating not moving just lyeing on floor. please help as i worried for my dog.

waiting for some guidance.