hurt badly, would he have been ok?
An_249198 posted:
My dog bubba got hit by a car, he was able to get about 50 feet from the road and he wagged his tail when we found him. he was bleeding from his penis and we rushed him to the vet. the vet told us he had a shattered hip, a fractured pelvis, and possible nerve damage that could cause him to lose control of his bowels. we wouldn't have been able to fix his hip, only let it heal naturally as best as it could. the vet continuously advised us to put him down, saying he would be in pain while it healed and that the possible nerve damages effects would be difficult to handle. we reluctantly decided to put him down. i want to know do you think we did the right thing?
An_249348 responded:
I feel like you did the most humane thing. As pet owners we get the right to choose to end suffering. As hard as it was to make that decision he may never have healed correctly and thus prolong pain and a diminished quality of life. it takes strength and true care of your pet to end suffering. keep your head did what was best. I am very sorry for your loss.

ICU Vet Tech.