dog's penis won't retract
Help4Shushie posted:
approximately 2 hours ago I noticed that the head of my dog's penis is red, protruding, and enlarged about the size of a nickel. It looks like he is blowing up a red balloon with his penis. He is a 7 1/2 month 10# Shih Tzu. He does not seem to be in any pain or distress. Walking & playing without difficulty. Only occassionally licking area. Has only urinated (a little) once since I noticed problem. Tried applying a warm moist rag to area and have also tried Vaseline but neither helped. What should I do? Any suggestions? Upset Mom :crying:
tjames0002 responded:
I've been having a similiar problem with my male poodle who is 8 years old after having bladder stones removed. It is is swollen and will not retract, contact an emergency vet office. He may need to be seen. Try using KY lubricant and see if you can pull the sheath (skin) back over his penis. If this does not work and he has not gone to the bathroom, I would definitely contact the vet. He could be having other problems as well. I have put posts out here under Bladder Stones in Dogs. You are welcome to read the advice the vet gave to me as well. Hope this helps!