Lymph gland enlargement
An_249247 posted:
Last week we took our 14 year old collie dog to the vets after finding that her lymph glands under her jaw had become enlarged. She had for a while had problems eating her food (dry) but had not lost her appetite as she would eat soft food and did seem hungry. I also noticed that her nose seemed swollen. She seemed continually tired and looked ill.
I was prepared for the worst, and when the vet examined her glands in several areas said she had lymphoma we were devastated but not surprised. However she did say that only the glands under her jaw were enlarged and the others were not but also she had oedema.
Without any further tests she prescribed antibiotics and steroids. She did not ask any medical history.
We took her home and prepared to spend the last few weeks with her.

Within 24 hours the swelling had halved and she seemed much better. Now 6 days later we cannot even find the glands, but I am concerned that she now has laboured breathing and excessively pants. Does anyone think that the vet we saw assumed because of her age that she had lymphoma. Are the steroids causing the laboured breathing that was not present before and should I insist on a biopsy.

Was she in short incompetent in not doing a more thorough examination.