Help with my english bulldog!
aaabulldog posted:
Is anyone a vet out there that will help me? I am having some trouble. I left my bulldog with a friend for the week. He watches her all the time and works with my breed for a rescue, so he is very knowledgable about her care. Anyway, she was normal and having fun with their bulldog the whole time. I picked her up and she was having a good time and happy like always. Between the hour and a half car ride home, she slept like always. From that point on though, she's been acting funny. She sleeps alot more than usual and she stopped eating her food. She won't even eat bread which is her favorite treat. I can get her to eat some other human foods like ham or cheese. I bought her treats. She ate a few, but won't touch them now either. She throws up once in the morning. She is still moving her bowels and urinating normal. She is weak, but I was originally attributing that to her lack of appetite. I know I should go to the vet, but i have no money. after hurricane sandy, we had some issues. I drained my bank account and then some and even had to cancel my wedding because of it. Someone please tell me what is wrong with Lucy? I don't want to lose my best friend.