Anal Gland Abscess Healing Process
An_249560 posted:
Four days ago, my dog's anal gland abscess ruptured. I took her to the vet that morning, they emptied both of them and put her on antibiotics. First day seemed good. The abscess site was dirty and bleeding a little here and there, so I wiped it and her butt with baby wipes. I did it twice, once when I got her home and then at night after she went to the bathroom. Vet said that it was okay. Second day, same thing.

Third day, in the morning, I hear her obsessively licking her butt. The site discharged again. It was enough to make a couple dime- and nickel-sized spots on the sheets. In the morning it was red and then at night it was dark brown, kind of reddish tint, maybe even dark mauve. It wasn't a big amount at night. Same thing happened this morning (4th day), except the color seems more of a deep red.

I've been doing my own research about the healing process, but there's not much. Also, information about what discharge, if any, is normal of the situation. If anyone can give me some information or past experiences, I would be so grateful. Thank you for reading and happy holidays!
rohvannyn responded:
You might want to call the vet on the phone if they are willing to take questions, and keep her from licking and irritating the stie.