Does my dog have allergies?
justine1027 posted:
I have a male pitbull mix about 2 years old. I adopted him 3 months ago from a local rescue group. He is black and white. The white area around his belly has black ticking spots that have faded tremendously since I've had him (they are now a light gray color). He has also developed a red rash on his belly. Recently I have noticed some small bumps under his fur on his back and one on his head. He does itch but no more than any other dog does. All of these symptoms lead me to believe he has allergies. I am just not sure if they are caused by the environment (weather changing from warm to cold) or his food. I feed him one cup of ProPlan beef hard food, two spoonfuls of Dr. Harveys canine health dog vegetable formula, and two spoonfuls of Organix soft dog food once in the morning and once at night. Yesterday I went to Petsmart and bought him Blue Buffalo Basics Grain free Turkey and potatoe hard food specifically made for dogs with food sensativities. I also bought him Blue Buffalo Basics soft food which again is made for dogs with food sensativies. Last night and this morning I gave him 1 half cup of Blue Buffalo hard food, 1 half cup ProPlan hard food, 2 scoops Dr Harveys, 2 scoops Blue Buffalo soft food. I noticed his rash looked more red. I'm not sure if the food has anything to do with it. Please help! He doesn't seem to be bothered by the rash but I would like to know what's causing it as well as the small bumps so that I can treat it. Thanks!