Emaciated 7 wk old Puppies
LSuar posted:

We took in 2 emaciated pit bull puppies from the shelter last night to care for until they can be adopted. Gave them a warm bath, snuggled with them and tried to get them to eat. One did eat, but the other only seems to want to drink liquid. He only showed interest in water and after adding water to the kibble he only licked up the water. They got a de-wormer (yesterday), and definitely have worms at this point. They shiver alot as well even inside.

Any suggestions for getting them to eat? We want to give them the best chance possible and hopefully get them healthy so they can be adopted and cared for properly.

thanks in advance for any help!
darlyn05 responded:
Have you tried a different dog food? Or maybe a small portion of wet dog food? If it will eat some wet food, maybe mix alittle in with the dry. Has it been thoroughly examined by a vet-any medical or health related issues? Here are a couple of links.


rohvannyn responded:
Poor pups! Is it known for sure why they are emaciated? Were they just starved, or did they have an illness or other medical issue? Have you tried taking a little kibble and mixing it with warm water, making sure things are well mushed? If their teeth hurt, or they have stuffy noses, that could have an effect too. Cooking a little salt free chicken or beef broth might help them too. Of course, letting them gorge at first is a bad idea, but it's good to get some calories into them.