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    My 5 mth old babies were just spayed and it seems that one of them now has been hissing at the other one. Its been only three days and I know how uncomfortable having those strange cones around their neck are, but Im soooo concern that they wont be back to their loving selves...they were so close and even slept with each other and cried whenever theyre too far apart. Should I be concern???? Is this normal? Please advise anyone!!!
    Thanks in advance
    d_caitlin responded:
    My kittens started getting in some seemingly serious fights around this age as well. They are litter-mates, brother and sister. Both were already spayed/neutered and had been budding around ever since I got them. The girl also cries whenever her brother is seperated from her.

    At around 6-7 months, the boy really started picking on the girl, not letting her eat, scaring her away from me, fighting her off his favorite perch. It freaked me out. At a loss for how to reconcile them, I started to play with them more and tire them out with feather toys on a stick. I've concluded the boy thought the girl was his new favorite toy and playing with her was much more fun than anything else, so I had to drain him a bit of that energy with something else as the object. He would be lay-down panting sometimes he had played so hard.

    Now at 9 months old, he's still a little pill to her sometimes, like a typical older brother, but he has backed off significantly, and I'm not afraid that he's ever actually trying to harm her. She gained a lot more confidence through playing as well(she's faster and has more stamina than him) and has let him know his boundaries, whereas before, she would helplessly run away. They cuddle together all the time still and have gotten into terrible trouble together, finding out how to push over a heavy full set of drawers...little mutants. How I love them!

    They also both hiss when they play with toys, either at the toy, or at each other when they catch it. It scared me at first, but that's just how they play. She will also hiss at her brother if he's playing too rough, which is a healthy warning that he has to learn to listen to.

    Pay attention to body language, ears, whiskers, fur and tail to figure out if they are really fighting or just playing rough.

    I'm guessing being spayed and the big weird cones probably has something to do with your kittens hissing. They like to hide when they're hurt and they probably feel vulnerable or something. I'm also convinced there is some kind of kitten puberty around that age where they figure out who's the boss. Give it time. As soon as they're healed and able, see how some good exhausting play sessions leave them. I knew I could do this with dogs, but was pretty amazed at how well it works with my kittens.

    If your kittens really are hurting each other, I would consider getting some more professional help from a behavioralist. Hope all goes well! Do not despair!!
    SOFISTICATED40SUMTHIN replied to d_caitlin's response:
    Thanks so much for your input d_caitlin!!!!
    My daughter did some investigating on her own, and was amazed to so many other similiar stories. Apparently, the main conclusion was that the kittens still smelled liked the vets cage to each other and didnt recognize each others scents. one great suggestion: dab a lil vanilla extract on their nose and tail to both and then they both will smell the same.
    And guess what?? it really worked!!!! they stopped hissing (well technically, one was hissing at the other) and despite the cone and all they slept again with each other.
    today makes 7 days since they were spayed, cones removed and they are back to normal!!! Playful, Crazy Kittens of Mine!!!!
    Thanks again for your input!!!!

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