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    Help my dog- his leg is broken!!!
    An_249794 posted:
    My dog got an accident yesterday. A car crash on him. My dog recently broke what seems to be the joint connecting his shoulder and leg. (Front left.) It sort of hangs off of it. Hic. I live in a small village in Viet Nam, so it isn't any pet hospital in it. My dog's very painful!!! My family try to call a bony doctor, but he refused to treat for it cause he only treats for human. What's should I do for my dog now? Please help me for methods or medicines treament for it. My dog is 1 year old and he is 25 kg. We love him so much, and can't see he is suffering his pain like now. Please help us!!!
    rohvannyn responded:
    I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It may not be possible to really help him at this point. A broken leg needs immediate attention to clean the wounds, set the bone, stop any bleading, perhaps even amputation. WIthout proper treatment, massive pain and infection is highly likely. Without someone who knows about animal medicine, there isn't much you can do at home.
    hoangmaisalem replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Hic, my dog still eat and drink milk by himself now. But he can't stand up by himself, my mother has to lift him up. His leg's swelling very big, so it hurts him very much when we touch this leg. We hope he get well in the next few days. Hic.
    rohvannyn replied to hoangmaisalem's response:
    That sounds like infection to me but I'm not a vet. It is possible that he might survive on his own but he will be in a lot of pain. I can't give medical advice obviously but I wish the best for him. You may want to look online for safe pain relievers, to help make him more comfortable while his body heals naturally.
    Maxpin replied to hoangmaisalem's response:
    Iif your dog is eating and drinking ok that's a good sign. When he had the accident, did he bleed ? If yes, then check the wounds. Wash off any blood with warm water and see if there is any thick yellow fluid which would be pus. If there's a lot, he'll need an antibiotic. You can try a human antibiotic and reduce the dose according to weight, like maybe 1/4 human strength. Check with a pharmacy if any such medication is available in your country without a prescription.

    If there is only a little pus at the edge of the wound, keep it clean by washing it once a day with warm, salty water.

    If there is no pus, check to see if touching the wound is more painful than where there is no wound. If it's hot and very painful right at the wound, there might be an infection inside. Remember "hotl body temperature is normal for a dog.
    hoangmaisalem replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Thank you so much. I hope so, too.
    hoangmaisalem replied to Maxpin's response:
    My dog's wound didn't bleeding and isn't any pus, but it swollen to three times compare with the uninjured leg and very pain when we touch. But thanks god that he still eats and drinks milk by himself. We gave him some painkillers and fever. His heath was fine, but the wound has not decreased. He's moaned every night, we love him so much but don't know what to do. We wonder when it was off again. We see him thinner each day, hic. Anyways, thank you for interesting and sharing with us.

    Maxpin replied to hoangmaisalem's response:
    it would be helpful if you could get an x-ray - maybe a local doctor would be nice enough to do that for your dog's leg.

    It's possible that the break has not healed because the bones were too far apart.

    It's more likely that it's healing a little crooked. That may cause the inflammation and swelling. You can try making a little cut to see if any fluid comes out. Usually it's the pressure of the fluid from the swelling that causes pain in the nerves.

    You have to make sure you have everything as clean as possible for this. Take a sharp knife and boil it in a pot of water for 5 minutes. shave a small area on the leg where the swelling is the worst - find a spot that your dog can lick because that will help it heal.

    Put some alcohol and iodine if you have it on there with a clean cloth. Empty the pot and wait for the knife to cool down a little, then take it out of the pot and make sure you only touch the handle.

    Poke the knife in carefully maybe half a centimeter, and see if any clear liquid or clear liquid mixed with a little blood comes out. If it is ONLY blood, stop. If you get clear or pink liquid, squeeze the leg gently and get as much out as you can. Let your dog lick it clean afterwards. Do not put alcohol on the open wound.

    Give it 24 hours and see what happens. It may fill up again, so you can repeat the procedure every day. Try to get some anti-inflammatory medication such as Meloxicam (ask a pharmacist, medications are usually sold under different names in different countries). Ketoprofen, Ibuprofen and Naproxen are good too.

    Give your dog 1/4 the human dose and make sure he eats first or drinks milk because these medications upset the stomach.
    An_249794 replied to Maxpin's response:
    Thanks for your advises!!! It's helpful us so much. My dog is getting better. Poor him! My mom splinted his leg tightly, so it swelling very big and it hurts him so much. A very touching story happened, he used the normal leg lifted the pain leg higher, looked at my mom so dearly and moaned. My mom love him so much, so she cried. Fortunately, my mom removed his bandages and braces off his leg. So his leg swelling down today, so he cans eat and drink nomally. Thanks god!! >.<. I'm so excited today after I heard the news about him. In my country, health care services for pet or animal isn't popular, and it costly much when you want to treat your pets. We lack health care services for human, dom medicines and the cost is very expensive. Haizza, anyway, thanks god for good news about my dog. Tet holiday is coming, it's so awsome if my dog can run, we'll have a happy holiday together. <3

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