Sickly acting poodle
Traitan posted:
I have a 4 year old spayed female poodle that this has been acting wierd the last few days. She doesn't appear to be eatng as much as normal, is laying is places she never has before and will randomly "whimper" from time to time. When you pick her up she isnt acting like she has a sore spot or anything, just random whimpers.
Any suggestions or previous experience with this?
rohvannyn responded:
The places she is lying in now, how are they different? Are they spots she would hide in, or perhaps places she feels more secure in? If she isn't eating as much, is she still drinking normally? Did she eat anything odd? Are her eyes bright or dim? Does she feel warmer than usual? How about her elimination? These and many other questions are important ones to consider when trying to diagnose a problem, and things to think about when asking a vet for advice. I hope she is feeling better by now.