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Chronically Ill Kitty
mrssksnyder posted:
First off I am going to say we have a appointment scheduled for the kitty and that I am trying to find more information and support. Also He has been test 3 times for FVI and Feline Leukemia and was negative all 3 times.

Now to begin with his past. Our kitty, Ranger, we adopted when he was about 6 months - 1 year old. It was not known for sure. When we adopted him he had not been neutered yet so we had to leave him there and pick him up after his surgery. Come the day of surgery I got a call telling me he was too sick, and I could "return him". I took him in still while sick. He had a URI. The meds we were given didn't help him and he got to the point I had to feed him out of a syringe. We took him to another vet and got him better. He was healthy for about a year and got another severe URI and got a bad eye infection. Treated and got him better from that. Then about 9 months ago I was petting him and felt he had swollen limp nodes. I took him to the vet and during his exam he was diagnosed with Stomatitis. It was just around his back teeth. So we had them extracted after trying antibiotics and other things. And it seemed like he was getting better. So we got his Rabies Shot since it is law. Though before he has been way to sickly to do so.

This brings us to where we are now. He now has his stomatitis full force on his front teeth and still has some around the gums on the back. Even though they are not there and they took out all the roots and everything in the back. So we tried a different Vet in the practice. We changed his diet to a hypoallergenic diet and getting steroid shots once a month or when he starts going down hill. Also we have pain meds to give as needed for him, Tramadol Tiny Tab 10mg. I am currently pregnant with a broken leg, so I have been depending on my husband to take care of his food. My husband took him off of it for about 3 weeks due to the food being so extremely expensive. He was doing well on the diet and we found a more affordable version of the food. Now he is on that and eating better. He is having brown drool and a sinus infection. He is still eating. We have been giving him the Tramadol once a day for the past couple days. He has been acting like he is crazy but like his mind is off. I have not seen any symptoms of this and it makes me worry his mind is going.

I am so stressed and I love this kitty so much. We have been fight illness after illness for so long. Has anyone else experienced this? What is his quality of life out look? I want to be prepared on when we will have to make a decision on when to just keep him comfortable for his final days and when to keep fighting this.

Thanks for any help.
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
We're so sorry to hear about the chronic problems you've been having with your kitty, despite all your and your veterinarian's efforts. Unfortunately, Feline Stomatitis is a relatively common disease with an unknown cause. It is often seen in cats with certain viral infections, but does not appear to be caused by them. There are no treatments that help all cats, but most improve to some degree when the affected teeth are removed. Using oral antiseptic rinses also help, but they are difficult to administer. Ultimately, your veterinarian may have to try a combination of different therapies to keep your cat comfortable. Incidentally, while Tramadol is a very effective pain medication, if it is making your cat disoriented, ask your veterinarian about other pain medications he may tolerate better.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
The Cat Doctor
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Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP, is one of the few board-certified feline specialists in the nation, having practiced medicine for more than 25 years. Weigner...More

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