Suckling dog
An_250021 posted:
My dog came from a litter of which he was one of three and my parents took the other two. My sister owned the dogs' parents. He was born 2nd but was the largest of the three. They were all weaned at approximately 10 weeks. The other two dogs do not suckle anything nor did his mother or father. My dog gets his teddy bear and suckles only during his noon nap, or at times when he is not feeling well or when welcomed guests visit. He started this when he received his toy teddy bear at the age of two.
rohvannyn responded:
My best guess, given the information, is that his suckling is a self-comforting behavior. Even if his parents and siblings doen't have it, doesn't mean he can't- just the same as people, everybody's an individual. It probably reminds him of when he was a puppy. Have you tried petting him and comforting him when he does this? He might want more reassurance than he is getting.