Dog trembling episodes anxiety or something else?
An_250418 posted:
Our 3ish year old beagle has trembling episodes. We only really noticed before during storms, fireworks, etc. But this morning we noticed him freaking out for no apparent reason. Trembling head to toe, tongue hanging out, pacing/hiding. During these times we usually can't get him to come lay down or anything to calm him. I had originally just blamed it on anxiety, but some online research may point to other issues that I wonder if I should be concerned about..
some other possible symptoms may be..
that he wants in and out of the house a lot, though I don't know if he actually does his business every time he goes out.
He's slightly overweight, but we've noticed he doesn't finish his meals anymore. His morning serving tends to last him all day, if not longer. And we only feed him 1 - 1 1/2 cups per twice a day meal. He used to eat all of each meal.
Would this lean more towards behavioral/anxiety, or should we be concerned about another issue?