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Cat's Constipation
JohnAllenK posted:
My 6 year old Siamese cat was constipated for almost a week. I took him to vet and they did XRays and found he was bound up with stools and did an enema.

I took him home and he had 3 bowel movements within an hour and started back to eating normally. 2 Days later he continues to eat well, but can't be sure about the water. He is eating Purina Proplan Weight Management in can.

No more bowel movements, maybe its too soon again?

I stopped Metrodonazole for parasites when going back to vet. The Vet vaguely said this med could have caused the constipation.

I am giving my cat syringes of water. Maybe he is drinking and I don't know it. He seems playful and normal with other cat and wants to eat more.

Should I give him pumpkin or anything else? Too soon to worry?


Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
If this is the only time he's been constipated and everything's fine now, I would wait to see if this becomes a recurrent problem. If so, a full workup needs to be done to see if there's an underlying cause. As cats age, they lose some motility to the colon and can become constipated frequently. While adding fiber (such as pumpkin) can help, there is medication that often works much better by restoring motility, but it needs to be given daily.

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
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