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Black Discharge from my Cat's Mouth
An_250475 posted:
What would be causing my 14 year old cat to have something black coming from his mouth? I wash the residue off his mouth daily. He has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is on 1.3 units of insulin twice a day (when he doesn't run from me). It was after I started giving him the insulin that this has happened. His breath smells fowl and he doesn't want to eat the dry food he has had all of his life. He is also taking thyroid meds but has been on them for a couple of years now.
Will Draper, DVM responded:
I'd be worried that he has some sort of infection in his mouth- either from his teeth, gums or both. I'd also want to make sure there isn't some sort of mass/growth in the mouth. What you are seeing might be dark blood mixed with saliva. I would not wait- I'd get him checked out as soon as possible.
Dr. Will
An_250475 replied to Will Draper, DVM's response:
Thank you!