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Allergy Sympton or a Vet Visit?
Booliefan posted:
I have a Chihuahua mix that has just started episodes of licking at his paws, rolling on the rug and then immediately sniffing the rug. I've read a few other discussions that suggest it may be allergies. His diet has been constant for the past 5 months, however he has only started doing this the past 2 days, so I'm unsure if it would be a food allergy. Nothing new has been brought into the environment. He's not scooting his butt on the floor, so I don't believe it's the anal glands. I gave him a good bath, but that only helped for a half an hour or so. He's sleeping fine, plays, and otherwise doesn't seem to be uncomfortable. He is a rescue dog that I've been caring for while we try to find his owner, so I don't know his health history, but I've not seen this behavior in the prior five months. Wondering if I should wait a day or two to see if this continues, try Benadryl or make an appointment with the vetrinarian. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
Will Draper, DVM responded:
It sounds very much like allergies- particularly the licking of the paws and rolling. Itchy paws can be a sign of atopic dermatitis- also called "atopy", or "allergic inhalant dermatitis. This is usually some allergy to things like pollen, grass, molds, or dust. this is not uncommon with Chihuahuas. It doesn't sound very much like a food allergy to me. Before trying Benadryl, I'd talk to your veterinarian first- and even consider an exam/consult. There are options that may work better than Benadryl. Best of luck...keep us posted!
Dr. Will
Booliefan replied to Will Draper, DVM's response:
Thank you so much for your response to my query, Dr. Draper! I got my little Diego in to the vet, and it was in fact a mild dermatitis. He is on Clavamox for a week and also Animax for temporary topical treatment. Three days later, he's doing much better! We also found he had a little fluid in one anal gland, so we're adjusting his dry and wet food mix to go a little bit heavier on the dry side to firm up his stools so we don't run into future trouble with the glands. Lastly we opted for a complete blood work-up as he is a rescue dog and don't know his health history - good news there too! He's perfectly healthy!

Again, a big thank you from me and from Diego!


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