help please
siddharths7 posted:
Hi,[br>I have a dog (Tuffy) mix breed,14 yrs old, since last year,in her abdominal some lumps are developed, i visited to the dr. and ask him the reason he said that every time when my tuffy is on heat after that milk is coming out from her breast as she is not crossed with any one so dr. give her injection to dry the milk. this is due to that.[br>when again after some days i visited with my dog to dr. he said its the lump which is developed he operate her twice in and year to remove it,[br>but it will developed again not in same place but in abdominal,[br>last to last month she went for another opration dr, removed the tumer and stick it we carefuly treating here and do regular dressing for it and the wound is filled ,[br>[br>but since last 20 days the wound is open and blood coming out my father observed that the some larva type insect coming from inside,[br>we visited to dr. he said its a cancer, [br>[br>please advise it is curable or how we can treat it , dr. is not taking much interest now a days to look my pet, he gave the option that u can give mercy kiling if you want please help me i love my tuffy very much is this thing is curable.[br>i have to take decision in 3-4 days as my parent is not able to watch her in pain,[br>[br>otherwise she is roaming here and there no issues with food eating but this thing make us worried,[br>please reply me