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Dog Ear Problems
skye930 posted:
My 3-year-old akita mix has been having a recurring ear infection for the last couple years, with a break of anywhere between a few weeks to several months in between. It's always diagnosed as a yeast infection, we're given the same medicine to treat it and told to continue cleaning it regularly with the solution the vet gives us. The odd part is, it's always just the left ear. Obviously I want to prevent these infections from occurring again, but given that it's only ever one ear, is this likely an allergic/dietary reaction or could it be something else?
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
With one ear being affected, we start with giving that ear a close exam for foreign bodies, polyps, and check the ear drum to see if it is intact. We can look under the microscope to look for yeast and bacteria, which sounds like what is being done, and even culture the ear to make sure we are using the correct treatment. Then we do look at other general causes such as allergy, hypothyroidism, food allergy. As your veterinarian your very good question: is there something else we should be looking at to keep the intervals without disease longer.

I hope this is helpful.

Dr. Sandy