Dog gasping, gulping, hiccuping, head nods, grass seeking
cmp1976 posted:
This is amazing we are all having the same problem and odd symptoms and vets do not know what it is. This has been going on with my 5 year old puggle her whole life. I thought it was food / sensitive stomach related. I admittedly give her a lot of little treats including some human food. Usually she does end of feeling better when she eats grass, sometimes enough that she throws up a wad of grass. In the winter I've found certain lettuces will work too (napa cabbage, arugula, spinach).

Once she had a piece of salmon skin and ended up gulping/drooling/hiccuping for 24 hours. There was no grass out due to snow storm, so she ate the carpet. I took her to the vet and of course she stopped right when we got there but started again later. I took her back and they gave her a shot for nausia.

I'm taking her to the vet soon and have video this time. I will post updates.

Does anyone have any updates on this since this discussion was started? Please email me at

Thank you!!
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oops, posted this in the wrong section. I meant to add to a previous discussion