Anal Glad Issues/Infection - Help!
Sunshi500 posted:
Our dog is 16 months old. In January, she started scooting around so we took her to the vet. Her anal glands were full and she did have an infection. He gave us some antibiotics and expressed the glands. About 3 weeks later, she still had the issues and was nibbling at her bottom constantly - a re-check showed she still had the infection, so they infused antibiotics into her glands, and gave us another oral antibiotic. At that point, she told us we may have to consider surgery to remove the glands. At our recheck 3 wks later, it still showed infection, so she gave us one more antibiotic to try for 2 weeks. It's been one week on them, and she is still nibbling at her bottom. We've changed her food from Purina Pro Plan to Wellness Core to try to give her a higher quality food a week ago also, and have added pumpkin to her meals, in hopes that larger/firmer stool will clear out her glands. I'm concerned that she is still having issues after a week on the pills. How long would food take to help? Should we be asking for different antibiotics (we've tried 3 already)? I really feel like surgery should be a last effort after we've exhausted all possibilities due to the possible complications of it - does anyone have any experience with this or the surgery itself? She's only a year old, this is the first issue we've had with her, but the infection just isn't going away for the last month and a half.