Strong Smell in Dog's Urine
CRS15 posted:
I recently adopted a 7 year old neutered male Italian greyhound. He joins my 8 year old female miniature dachshund. I have noticed that the Italian greyhound's urine smells much stronger than the dachshund's. It has a very strong ammonia smell. He isn't entirely house trained, so the smell has become very apparent. I have never owned a male dog before and I wonder if it is normal for a male dog to have strong smelling urine. Is this something that needs to be checked out by a vet, and is there anything that can be done to help this problem?
rohvannyn responded:
Is he drinking enough water? That can have a large effect. So can diet. Of course, a vet visit, if possible, might be a good idea. Some dogs do have strong smelling urine but it's best to check.