Sick Puppy middle of night
Towserdog posted:
I have a 7 month old Mastador.. I also have a 5 yr old pug and a 10 yr old Chow-rottie.My wife contracted shingles a week and a half ago... The pug then got a cough and dry heaves the chow rottie then had a bout of the vomits. They are fine now. 5 days ago the puppy started vomiting. Then black diarrhea. She was quiet for two days. She was fine yest. Today the black is back, and she threw up her kibble 7 hours after eating undigested. She is herself emotionally. But I am worried, she gets bouts of deep quick breaths. And she'll go off on her own when it hits....
Pls help
Towserdog responded:
The black poop is like soft ice cream now.. And has not stunk at all.....