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Feline Kidney failure
JennAW posted:
My Maine coon has been drinking a lot more water, not eating as much, and his urine smells of ammonia so bad! Do you think he is suffering from kidney failure or is there something else that it could be? I am really worried about him,
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
What you're describing is called "polydipsia," which is Latin for "drinking a lot." I don't know why doctors can't just say that! But drinking more is a common symptom of many diseases including kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, etc. So it's obviously time for a visit to your veterinarian to find out what his problem is as soon as possible. Most importantly, it's wonderful that you noticed this before your cat is actually sick!

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
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Board Certified in Feline Practice