Thyroid in Dogs
Rmagoon posted:
Hi, I have a 8 year old Lab and he was diagnosed with Thyroid when he was 4 years old. He has been taking Thyroxine ever since then. His dosage is 1 tablet every morning and the strength is 100mg. The issue I am having is that despite him being on medication he has been gaining weight and weighs 49 Kilos now. His vet has asked me to stop his medication for a 3 week period so she can do full tests again. Do you recommend that I stop medication for 3 weeks.
rohvannyn responded:
I'm guessing you mean 100 mcg, rather than mg, if he is on levothyroxine... if your vet says to keep him off it for 3 weeks then I'd trust the vet. I know that levels need to be tested periodically because synthetic thyroid hormone needs can change and often needs to be adjusted. If he is getting too much or too little, it can cause the problems you describe, and more. I know people need their thyroid hormone levels checked quite frequently whether they have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, so it must be the same for dogs.