12 pound Chihuahua / Pin something lodged in throat?
SusanGF posted:
Trying to avoid a vet visit if I don't have to, I'm just not sure what is going on. She was fine yesterday, let her out with siblings to small fenced area. Came back in gagging like she had eaten grass. Thought she ate some grass or allergies. Problem is today she isn't right. Chow hound not interested in food - at all- lethargic. Has a slight rattle sometimes also a small snore. Can't get her interested in anything. She is breathing, not coughing or gagging but OBVIOUS she is not right. She snores normally in her sleep, she is overweight and also has a somewhat puggle face. Snoring noise now when she is awake. Anything I can do at home? Vets are really expensive here.