help! 9 month old puppy issues after first heat
An_251644 posted:
Hi! my 9 month old female pit mix recently had her first heat. She came out of it around the beginning of April. I first noticed her inguinal teats were swollen and somewhat firm about a week ago. The rest of her teats have since then dropped a little bit and the last few have swelled and now look and feel to be filled with liquid. Today after she peed, I noticed a white snot like discharge hanging from her vulva. She has not had any physical changes other that stated above. She is still her playful happy self. I am unsure as to if she is in pain, because she never cries or pulls away when I rub her belly. There has been no fever. I planned to have her spayed in the near future, but I want to clear up this problem first. What could this be? Is is a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately? I have conversed with friends and experts and they say that it is just her body reacting to her hormones.