I have a mix part pekenise and part chiwauwaa(unknown if purebeed)
amethystbaodai posted:
Good evening I have a 5 yr old male he is a mixed breed, he is part pekenise and part chiwauwaa. I am desperat4ely at my wits end due to the fact that I am at a loss as to why my dogs left eye is begining to become slightly cloudy.....I noticed this change this past saturday. I am un sure if he has the beginings of glaucoma or the beginings of cataracts the vet said it was too soon to tell. I came across a homeopathic remedy for the begining of cataracts which is to place 2 drops of cod fish oil in the affected eye before bedtime for 1 month. I was unable to buy codfish oil so I bought the only other thing which was fish oil containg omega 3. I am not going to use it as eye drops. I will give it to him oralally instead. If you have a better suggestion Please I would be so happy to hear from the pet health community. I have a vet appointment in 30 days please I am all ears. God Bless and many thanks


Liza Oriol Lopez