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Constant sneezing and boogers...what is it?
dizzygirl85 posted:
My mini American Eskimo has been constantly sneezing and retching since about last October or so, out of the blue. I can't find a pattern to it. She's mostly indoors except for going potty, but I never notice it getting worse when outside or in any particular place. She'll retch and reverse sneeze like she's congested and can't breathe through her nostrils, then will usually sneeze and fling big white boogers around. (Lovely, right?) They're never yellow or green.

She's been to multiple vets who have done tests (blood, urine, x rays, teeth cleaning) and all is normal. All looks great with her heart and everything major. They have no clue what's wrong. So I'm thinking it may be food allergies? The only thing I can think of that changed around October is that we introduced Blue Buffalo, but it's the Sensitive Formula with Turkey and Potato kind, grain free. Until then she'd been solely on prescription Hills i/d food because she's prone to pancreatitis. So now she gets dry Blue Buffalo in the morning and wet i/d at night. A month or so ago I tried going back to just the i/d and noticed no change, so I'm back to using both. I'm thinking of maybe trying another food with limited ingredients, maybe venison or fish. But I also don't want to set off the pancreatitis!

Do you think that's what the problem could be? Has this happened to any of your dogs, and what worked? What would you suggest?

* I should add that the vet gave her steroids or something for allergies and it made her nuts...she shook and got hyper and peed on the floor constantly, so it wasn't good. So then I've tried both Benadryl and Vet's Best Seasonal Allergy Support daily, and still haven't noticed any change. I'm out of ideas, and I feel so bad for my poor sniffly dog. Not to mention that I hate cleaning up all the snot...


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