Routine dental procedure (tooth abstraction) under anesthesia causing neurological damage?
An_251701 posted:

I took my dog in for a routine dental procedure (tooth Abstraction) and they put her under anesthesia. She seemed fine the next day but on the 3rd day, her legs were really weak and her lower back was really tense (her muscles were really tight). If i touched her back she would scream. I took her tot he ER and they said it looks like neurological problems that can suddenly appear. It seems too coincidental and after doing some research online it may be cause from the anesthesia. I am currently giving her a tramadol (pain killer) and she seems to get better after a few hours but the next morning it's always really bad where she can barely walk and she won't eat. When she walks, her legs cross and wobbly. Has anyone else went through this? Is this permanent damage? If not, how long does this usually last? It's been 7 days since her surgery and I noticed her back/leg problems 5 days ago.