Golden Retriever False Pregnancey Syndrome non-nuetered 13 years old
meddumb2 posted:
My Callie Girl has gone through the False Pregnancy Syndrome for years with lactating and the look of being pregnant and not nor has she ever been but this past week one of her teats in the back appeared hard and swollen to the touch. I have had the flu unable to take her in to the Vet should I be worried? Or is this still all part of the false pregnancy syndrome ? She is urinating all the same no discharge , no outward changes in her behavior other than she is slowing down she is aging ...Can you help me ? I am so scared for her I have been putting hot compresses on it and she seems to love that and hot baths she loves that too..Can I do anything else for her? Please should I be worried ? I am so worried for her and do not want her to be in any distress they can not tell is as you know....HELP PLEASE...