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butterfly_kisses726 posted:
My dog has had diarrhea since last week and still has it now that he has lost weight. He still wants to eat and is playful. I looked up his symptoms and even images of the diarreha and it looks like parvo I am so scared right now he found a chihuahua and he doesn't seem to have these things happening to him. Where we live in our apartments we were told to walk all dogs in one area so how do we now if our dog got it from where we have to walk to him. Can me and my kids catch this from the dogs? I don't have the money for a vet I don't know what to do.
srstephanie responded:
Hi butterfly_kisses726,

I'm not a vet and don't have personal experience with Parvo. But I like to listen to talks given by experts at veterinary conferences and try to learn what I can. What you are describing doesn't sound like Parvo to me. I believe Parvo usually involves both bloody diarrhea and much vomiting. You say your dog still wants to eat and is playful which wouldn't be usual for parvovirus. Also, you mention that the diarrhea started last week. If it were parvo, I would expect that your dog would not be eating and be extremely sick by now ... and would have to have veterinary care (IV fluids, etc).

There are many causes of diarrhea, if that is the only/primary symptom. It could be something in his diet or be the result of worms or other intestinal parasites, etc. If the diarrhea hasn't improved, perhaps you have a friend or family member who could help pay for a vet check and fecal test. Perhaps all he needs is to be wormed or have some antibiotics. You also want to be careful that he doesn't get dehydrated from the diarrhea.

Parvovirus is transmitted by fecal-oral route. So, when walking your dog, avoid contact with poop (especially diarrhea) from other dogs.

No, you and your children cannot get parvovirus from your dog. Most viruses are species specific. It is true that the canine parvovirus and feline parvovirus (also called "panleukopenia") are very closely related and cats can become infected by the canine parvovirus (though the canine strain doesn't make cats as sick as panleukopenia). But humans do not get either the canine or feline forms of parvovirus.

Hope that helps.
Stephanie in Montreal
butterfly_kisses726 replied to srstephanie's response:
His poop is very dark almost black and it looks like blood when I clean it up. I'm gonna see if a vet will work with me about a payment plan
butterfly_kisses726 replied to srstephanie's response:
And thank you Stephanie


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