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favoring his paw
An_251895 posted:
My thirteen year old miniature poodle is exhibiting some weird behavior One minute he is walking fine. The next he is hoping while holding up his right front paw. He is otherwise not showing any evidence of pain. He is jumping on the chair and off etc I hate to go to the vet for unnecessary test but on the other hand how does a dog tell you enough to know it is not necessary
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hello there,

Dogs and cats tell us if something is significant and they need to be looked at by their veterinarian if the problem continues, more than a day or so depending on the problem. Some obviously need immediate attention like seizures, collapse, bleeding, etc.
I am not sure given your history if there is something painful in the paw itself, if there is a joint or bone problem, or a nerve problem. Can you take a peek at the foot and make sure it isn't something hidden there?Sometimes pain in the foreleg can be due to a back or neck problem and your veterinarian can help determine that.
If it continues, a good physical examination by your veterinarian is the first place to start so we can find out the problem and limit the amount of discomfort your little poodle is feeling.