Fun topic: Cats who fetch?
rohvannyn posted:
Does anyone else have a cat who fetches? My floofy calico, Mouse, sometiems does it, and occasionally throws her mouse toy at me. But the new tortoiseshell, Shadow, is an avid fetcher and would do it for an hour if I kept throwing the mouse. She runs after it at top speed and walks back to me with the cutest serious expression on her face. She learned to do it when she realized that I would throw her mouse a lot sooner if she happened to bring it to me... I call her Puppycat, or the Tortoiseshell Retriever. It's nice for giving her a little extra exercise.

Anybody else with a Puppycat?
peachychick54 responded:
Yes, I had a cat that fetched! It was a fun game for him and he would do it over and over. He would run and get it and then bring it back and jump up and drop it in our laps Sadly, we recently lost him in a house fire He was the best cat I ever had.