Side Effects of Canine Steroids
An_252009 posted:
My shar pei started taking a high dose of steroids the last week of April as follow up treatment from a mast cell tumor removal. He didn't appear to be doing well on them (very depressed, soft stool, excessive panting, lost quite a bit of muscle/weight) even though he has taken them before. She said depression is not typical, but every time he has taken them before he always seems down in the dumps. The vet had us go ahead and cut his dosage in half a day early. He is still being weaned off of them and is down to 1 pill every other day but still seems super depressed and has a mix of soft stool and diarrhea. He is eating and drinking fine and is also taking 10mg of Pepcid to help with his stomach per the vet. I don't know if it is the canned food or the steroids or both that is causing the stomach issues (He usually only receives dry food but since he has to eat with the steroids we have been giving him canned food mixed with dry). And as for him not being himself I don't know if it is the medicine or the stress of the situation (My spouse and I just split so we are not under the same roof anymore, but we are sharing custody), or if that too could be both things combined. I am incredibly worried about him, this is just a complete turnaround from the dog I know. I am taking him back to the vet tomorrow, I just wanted to possible see what another vets thoughts were. Thank you!