Need Medical Help asap
al3xL posted:
Last weekend my dog was not feeling good puking, acting sluggish, and very weak... got very worried and brought him to the vet.. after going to the vet they did blood work. that night i was called by the vet saying that the blood work didn't come back good go to the animal hospital right away. after bringing there they said his protein level was low so they did urine test. with the urine test they said that his protein is coming out of his body from his urine, so they diagnosis my dog with pln which is protein-losing Nephropathy. i am very concerned my dog name is gizmo and he is a 12 year old pomeranian which i rescued. i would like as much information about this... items like good diet for him, if this is curable, what type of direction i should go. is it something that is normally cured.