courtney1986 posted:
Hi there!

My seven year old cat, Mason died suddenly yesterday before we could be seen by a vet. I found him covered in blood/bloody urine. He was anemic and had a severely high respiratory rate. He also appeared to be oozing blood from his urethra. He had a seizure and died as we were walking into the vet's office. He was overweight, but otherwise seemingly healthy. He was an indoor cat and neutered.

Any ideas as to what was suffering from?
rohvannyn responded:
Had he been urinating normally before that? Blood in the urine could indicate kidney trouble.
courtney1986 replied to rohvannyn's response:
As far as I could tell, everything seemed normal that is why it was such a shock. I am pretty sure it was kidney related, too. I just wanted some more opinions. I feel so guilty that I didn't notice anything sooner, but he didn't appear or act sick until it was too late.
rohvannyn replied to courtney1986's response:
Don't feel too bad about that, cats are absolute experts about hiding discomfort or sickness. It's part of their survival mechanism. I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. Feel free to post in the rainbow bridge thread to honor his memory.