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    Kitten worms everywhere!
    AinselSushi posted:
    I have a female kitten close to 6 weeks old. I noticed few days ago a worm on my hand as I was petting her. It was white and small barely moving. She was already on a treatment for worms and as my vet said to me I should give her the medicine every 10 days. So yesterday was the last dose and after I woke up in the morning I noticed about 10-20 dead worms (looked smaller and a dark yellowish). Since she slept with me on bed could have I been infected? I don't know the symptoms but I'm feeling normal. And could those been the last worms died? Cause I'm going to visit my little sister and grandparents and don't want the kitten to be dangerous for them. From her previous doses I hadn't noticed that many dead worms. Plus she has lost weight.
    Thank you in advance and sorry for my grammar!
    rohvannyn responded:
    If it was a tapeworm, all those bits could be individual sements. A lot depends on what kind of worms it was. Usually you get tapeworms by consuming the eggs, and you wouldn't be doing that. You can find information on webmd about pet worms, etc, and if you have trouble finding it let me know and I'll post some links.
    Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
    Those sound like tapeworms. Most deworming medications don't treat tapeworms. Although you cannot catch them from your cat, you should let your veterinarian know what you saw. She may need a specific medication to get rid of these worms. Incidentally, since they're transmitted by fleas, make sure your cat doesn't have any fleas. If she goes outside, you'll need a monthly medication to control fleas or she'll get tapeworms again.

    Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
    The Cat Doctor
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