Miranda178 posted:
My 6 year old dog who has been perfectly healthy up until today with no problems started to vomit this morning. She's vomited about 7 times already that I know of and that I've seen. I don't know what to do and I'm worried about her. It was a yellowish color this morning and the last time she threw up (so far) today, at around 3pm, it was a brown color. She hasn't thrown up since (so far) but now she seem to be very lethargic. She has plenty of water and drank three time, after the first time she vomited some time later but after the other two she was just fine. She get's one meal a day at around 4pm - 4:30pm with a mint treat at around 7:30pm. We changed her food about a week or two ago but she's been fine until now and we mix her dry dog food with either canned dog food or some kind of soup or purée or else she won't eat it. We've been mixing her food with soup or purée since she was a puppy and have mixed it with dog food for about a month now. Can someone please help me?!