Missing my dog still after three years
heartbrokenone posted:
I was just wondering if it is normal to still miss my dog After she passed away three years ago. People tell me to get another dog but I feel I can't because it is like replacing her in some way. I loved her soooo much amd still can't bring myself to get another dog.. If i see other Labs like her ,I pet them and I still want to cry because I miss my girl. Maybe it is just me being silly about it? What do you guys think?
rohvannyn responded:
Everybody takes a different amount of time to grieve. It took me almost three years after Orion died to be really ready to get another kitten. Okay, I was ready after about two, but my spouse wasn't ready till three... or longer. Your dog was a close friend, a family member. Of course you miss her! I'd tear up when thinking about Orion for quite some time, because we were so close.

No dog can ever replace her. However, if you do invite another dog into your life, you can do it in her memory, because the love you two shared can enable you to pass that joy on to another dog. No relationship will ever be quite the same but it's not a betrayal of her to love another dog. You may not be ready for that yet but someday you will be.
heartbrokenone replied to rohvannyn's response:
Thank you for your reply. That is a very good thought about getting another dog in her memory...to me she was my pup even though she was eleven years old. True, maybe one day or someday , I will be ready for another dog but until then I will take it one say at a time.