Dog throws up white foam
IsabelMZ posted:

My 2 year old boston terrier throws up white foam - mostly occurring when we go to the off leash dog beach. I thought perhaps it was because she was running really hard and overworked herself. Only started happened on and off these past 2 months.

We go early in the morning, before she's had anything to eat. Before I would give her a few pieces of kibble as a "treat" before we got into the car and at first I thought that was what caused it. So I eliminated that but it appears even when she has an empty stomach she throws up.

She starts to drool clear saliva about 5 min prior to the urping. And her walking will become a little labored and then she will start salivating. Soon after she'll throw up whatever little she has in her tummy.

I wonder if she has an intolerance to hard runs. She also only started doing the reverse sneezing about 1% of the time. Being a short nosed dog I thought that was to be expected and it's pretty infrequent.

Prior vet visits have never brought up her short nose face and she's always checked out to be healthy.

Has anyone ever experienced this?