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why did my dog die?
An_252683 posted:
today, my dog duke passed away. this past christmas he got shot with a shotgun twice (not by my family). we rushed him to the vet and he was there for about 5 weeks. When we brought him home, he was fine up until today. my dad was going to work and he noticed duke was acting strange. he was breathing heavily, not drinking much water, twitching occasionally, his ears were pinned back, and he was not eating dog biscuits. he did eat the piece of cheese my dad offered him. we decided to take him to the vet. About halfway there, duke began to twitch more often. Shortly after he had a seizure. we rushed him to the vet, on the way he had two more seizures. Once we got to the vet, it was hard to get him out because his legs were stiff and he spooked very easily. he made no attempt to bite anyone. we got him on the cart, but as soon as we got duke into the office he was barely breathing. They placed him on oxygen and about a minute after that, he stopped breathing. we miss our dog very much, I want to know how he died. we believe it may have been blood poisoning from getting shot, but it was so sudden. I think he was bit by a snake, but i want some opinions on what happened.
thank you.
we love you duke <3
Will Draper, DVM responded:
So sorry to learn of your dogs passing. Some sort of toxicity (poisoning) is something to consider, but the signs and symptoms you mentioned can be caused by a number of different conditions. Duke could have had some sort of cardiovascular episode (heart attack). I would recommend discussing the possibility of a necropsy (autopsy for animals), which could give you some of the answers you seek. Again, our deepest condolences.
Dr. Will