whippet health emergency
KathleenSB posted:
I have a 2 1/2 yr old neutured male whippet, named Jasper. 3 weeks ago he got out and chased a deer for about 10 mins, got overheated but cooled down, ok for 2 days, then spike a 103.8 fever and didn't want to eat, at vets with fluids it came down, a few days later a fever again, this time a weekend of fluids, antibiotics there and home for 8 days, fine a week then up again, he has been at the vets for 6 days, they have run every test they can, very costly, his fever now is between 104 and 105 and he is on an antibiotic, won't even eat for the past few days, only a mild low platelet and altered white blood cell count. Has anyone encountered this with primary symptom high fever and now not eating?
thank you Kathy