Side effects of Vectra 3D
maraki posted:
This is for any expert to answer and for any Vectra 3D users who have had a dog with the side effects of twitching ears and a flapping head.

My 22 lb. Jack Russell/RatTerrier had Vectra 3D for the first time 4 nights ago. His ears have not stopped twitching and his head flapping since.
We gave him Benadryl (per vet) to relax him, and my husband washed him initially with his dog shampoo and then switched to Dawn(per vet), for the last 2 shampoos. My question is how long does it take for this to stop? Please,anyone who has had these same side effects please let me know. I am so concerned and worried. Along with reporting this to our Vet, I will also call Vectra 3D tomorrow. I will never use this product again!!!!!!!