Cancer and History of Digestive Issues
An_253044 posted:
My beloved terrier mix was just diagnosed with cancer. During a routine exam, an adenocarcinoma was discovered. After x-rays and an ultrasound, more tumors were found in his body. We can't be 100% sure if those are cancerous unless we biopsy them all (which we opted not to do). Due to the multiple tumors, the oncologist said that traditional treatment options (surgery, radiation, chemo) weren't necessarily viable.

My dog's blood work was "perfect" (in the words of two different vets), and he is not showing any symptoms of cancer or behavioral changes. He looks and acts like a normal, older dog.

I would like to do something to help him, so I'm trying to figure out different diet options. I've looked into the high-protein, low-grain diets that are suggested when a dog has cancer. My concern, however, is that my dog has a history of digestive issues. He once had pancreatitis, and he has been on Hill's i/d food ever since (a special food formula that is easily digestible). Unfortunately, the Hill's i/d dry food has quite a bit of grain, and I keep reading that grains "feed the cancer, not the dog."

What can I feed him that he will be able to digest easily and that will help stave off the cancer? I want to maintain high-quality of life, so that's my goal. I don't want to change his diet at this point and make him sick (when he doesn't seem it yet). But, I do want to help him live well for as long as possible.

Please help! I'd appreciate any recommendations. I adore this little guy.
allnaturalcanine responded:
My heart goes out to you, as we also went through a similar experience with our chocolate lab. We have a nutritional enhancement product designed specifically for dogs with cancer; it's our Strength Recipe and you can find it at: