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? sciatic nerver damage in puppy
Lori_IA posted:
My 7 pound chihuahua/yorkie mix puppy was spayed last Friday (08/02/13). Picked her up the next AM and she seemed groggy as expected so its not like she was very active initially. That afternoon/evening we noticed she was limping on her hind left leg.

Next AM she wasn't walking on it all all. When picked up and the left leg/hip touched she would cry. That evening we took her to an ER vet. She decided it was her foot. She shaved it a bit and examined it under a magnifying lamp (she said, she took her to a back room for this). Her diagnosis was mild bruising of a couple of toes. Said to return to vet if no improvement in 3 days. Sent us home with no medication, etc. The dog was doing nothing but laying around during this time period also.

Tuesday there was no improvement and I took her to regular vet again late that afternoon. Xrays were done of her hips and legs with no apparent problems. She felt it was definitely her hip and not her foot. She also mentioned that since she also extracted a couple of teeth she would have had an antibiotic and it might have been given in that hip. We were sent home with 4 doses of Rimadyl. She had her 3rd dose with AM.
The dog has regained her "spirit". She is now active again but not putting any weight on that leg. Holds it up. She is just getting very good at walking on 3 legs now. She's once again wagging her tail and interacting a bit with our other dogs.

I asked vet if I should return if no improvement and she said yes she guessed we should come back Friday or Saturday if needed.

The dog seems more comfortable and definitely more active but no sign of the use/movement of the leg actually improving. She is able to move the leg some but won't walk on it. She did yelp a little tonight when I picked her up once so she seems to still be having some pain in it but not near as much as last Sunday.

I don't know what to do at this point. I feel horrible for having her spayed and then this happening to her.

Lori_IA responded:
I got her into a specialist Monday and they did more x-rays. They had digital imaging so pics were much better. Ended up she had a fracture through the growth plate of the hip. She had surgery Tuesday to remove the femoral head & neck (FHO) and came home Wednesday. She's still not using the leg but spirit and activity wise she is far more along now than she was 10 days after the spay. So was obviously in a lot of pain before.


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