Emergency C Section/Spay and retained kittens/felines
An_253157 posted:
My 4 year old persian cat, Sugar had to be spayed 14 days ago and had 3 dead kittens that were necrotic. The spay went well, but she developed a fever right away and has had it ever since..between 103.5 to 104.6. I am using a new vet who seems puzzled by the problem though she prescribed antibiotics thruout,,,,first baytril and clavamox...now I changed to doxycycline...now her belly is distended and she passes little urine, but does defacate. A week ago I took her in and she had a blood test, x-ray. It showed anemia and low albumin.
She has no idea why...she did say she (thought) she had a urinary tract infection...but she doesn't even go in the litter box anymore and strain. I don't know what to do....I have already spent $1200 and done tests that don't seem to help. I am also giving her 70ML of fluids every dday, too.
rohvannyn responded:
Talk to the vet. Not urinating is really serious as you know. Perhaps the vet can give you a break considering all the money you've already spent with them. At least call them for an opinion.
An_253157 replied to rohvannyn's response:
I need to find a new veterinarian...I don't have much cconfidence in this one. My original vet has left the area and this one was close to my home. She is nice with a good (bedside manner) but doesn't seem to know much about cats.
She is urinating a little, but does not eat, I have to syringe A/D and goats milk...I lso give syringe some water as well.
I continue fluids (hydration) daily....her fever is down, but her bbelly is distended (not right) and she sleeps most of the day.