in need of kitten help
ittymegs posted:
hey there
i have a 4-5 week old kitten shes a Siamese himmy and im a bit worried as of today. We went on vaca and well we came back with a kitten that my friend had ogi was the runt of the litter and makes even that much more worried.

so she slept the whole way which was a 7 hour drive barely ate KMR
got home and tried to feed her from a bottle and i had to force it down her throat and she has been non stop sleeping and doesnt have much interest in wandering around or even that curious. ive tried 3 kinds of kitten milk and nothing i also have tried wet food and nothing. With her sleeping so much im concerned shes not getting any energy and i took her away to soon...... PLZZZZ HELP ME

If you have any advice please pass along
rohvannyn responded:
Is the kitten eliminating okay? Constipation or retention of urine can cause behavior like this and is quite dangerous. Really young kittens need to be stimulated in order to do that, which is usually take care of by the mom. Sometimes kittens are runts because they have something wrong with them that cause them not to thrive. Was the kitten like this before the trip? Is she getting water, at least? Was she on solid food before you adopted her? 4-5 weeks old is way too young to take a kitten from her mother. You can find some good information on kitten fostering on the net, and she probably needs a vet checkup.