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Puppy Sick
AmyGreenEyes posted:
My family and I have just gotten our first puppy Mila 5 days ago from a rescue organization. She is a lab/shepherd/boxer mix. They think she is about 12-13 weeks old. When the foster mom gave her to us they also gave us a bag of Purina Dog Chow. The foster mom mentioned that she eats Purina Puppy Chow but also will eat Purina Dog Chow. We fed her the Dog Chow that she provided us but Mila has had diarrhea pretty much the whole time we have had her. So when we purchased her more food we changed to Puppy Chow thinking maybe the Dog Chow caused the diarrhea. But a couple nights ago she vomited quite a bit of food and tonight she also did the same. Her diarrhea has also continued. Other than those times she plays like normal. She runs, digs and is happy. I also watch her like a hawk and she hasn't digested anything out of the norm. She has chewed on some leaves and branches but that's it. Please help, what should we do?
d_caitlin responded:
See a vet! That sounds a bit like what happened with my akita puppy(16 weeks). He had diarrhea off and on and then then horrible constant pure liquid diarrhea last Tuesday. I fed him turkey burger and rice and he got better for a day, then once he got back on his food, he got worse again and I saw him throw up twice-not his food, just bile. He was active this whole time, not showing any lethargy either.

I took him into the vet that day, they did a parvo test and giardia test and they were negative, but a fecal test showed an overgrowth of coccidia. I guess it's a common bacteria in dogs, but usually something is required to set it off- like a virus or eating something abnormal.

Now, my puppy also chews plants and eats dirt, but he's done that since day one, so with the sensitive systems of akitas, I think he's developed some kind of aversion to his food, or found something even worse to chew on when I wasn't looking. Puppies do that.

The vet gave him several medications, an antibiotic to kill the bacteria, something to calm his stomach, and probiotics to build up the good bacteria in his system again. After one day, he did fabulous and no more diarrhea! He's also on a perscription puppy food for sensitive stomachs until we're sure he's all good, and then I will start him on a new food when it runs out.

Make sure to see your vet. Since she's had this for a while, I don't think it's parvo, but you always want to rule it out, because it will easily kill your puppy, and even with some shots, she won't be fully immune yet. Giardia is also common in water or could be transfered through wild animals in ways you wouldn't even consider. The important thing is to keep her hydrated. Try feeding her bland food like cottage cheese and rice, or chicken and rice- remove the fat! It gives her stomach a chance to reboot. Make sure she's drinking and try gatorade or pedialite to make it more appealing if she's not. I hear yohurt has the probiotics to help her digestive system too, but I would see a vet to rule out anything worse. Good luck!


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